Pull up a seat in Umpherston Sinkhole

Far to the South East of South Australia is Mount Gambier, a region named after the volcano that erupted there about 5000 years ago. The geography of the area is dominated by volcanic activity and there are a number of impressive sinkholes, among which Umpherston is perhaps the most impressive.

James Umpherston created the garden in the sinkhole in 1886, leading to its other name, The Sunken Garden.

Originally a limestone cave, formed by the erosion of waves on rock, the top platform gave way to create the sinkhole and the topsoil is ideal for plants.

It’s depth and beauty are to be experienced, as capturing the dimensions is quite hard and the beautiful arrangement of the cascading ivy wall, rows of hydrangeas, palms and other foliage can best be appreciated from one of the many benches.

Carved from a whole tree trunk – the area is also known for forestry.

Perhaps the benches needed some upgrading before appearing in Xingfumama’s pullupaseat challenge.