On the hunt for joy – perspective on dancing.

Cee’s challenge this week is dance it out and she had so many great examples, here.

On recent trips to the beach I have seen these seals and wondered what they were doing.

from the shore

And then I saw them from above, while on the jetty.

flippers wide, head back
tail up, grab with the flipper, point your nose

And just in case it’s a matter of perspective, watch this and decide. (But I couldn’t make it square)

For more perspectives, see Becky’s squares.

On the hunt for… play

This weeks’ On The Hunt For Joy challenge is mix play with everyday, and Cee asks what we do for ‘play’ every day.

I had to wait until the end of the day and think back. I often spend some part of every day standing at my back door and spying on the birds, so that I don’t disturb them.

It’s probably going to lead to the ruin of the next crop of apricots, as I have no idea what they are doing, but the result is half-eaten leaves on the ground and the limbs stripped bare. But the buds seem ok.

Then, I always check for ripe strawbs, as they’ll continue nearly all year, with maybe a month or two break, and are still flowering.

If I get a big slab of time I might make cards

Take a walk at my favourite spot

or bake something, like today (ginger nuts)

They all give me joy.

On the hunt for joy – start a garden

So, this week, as Cee encourages us all to hunt for joy, she suggests starting a garden.

We already have a garden, but we’re constantly changing things and since the chooks are gone, we’ve planted some natives and are striking some hibiscus.

striking hibiscus (and it flowers!)

Eremophila, grevillea and other new natives – watch this space.

Then I took a stroll and snapped the new garden beds, my productive strawberries, the things growing out of compost, banana capsicum and feijoas (pineapple guava) ready to pick and my bee magnets. All because it made me so happy to do so.

And to include in Cee’s FOTD another calendula.

Abundant ripples

In Adelaide we still have some freedom to move about and exercise, while employing safe practices.

There is great joy in this freedom and it meant that last weekend I could be on the hunt for joy and see the abundant patterns, ripples, clouds, surfaces, breezes, waves – all that nature has been doing at the beach, forever.

Everywhere I look there are ripples and they’re not all bad. What looks like destruction to one being, could be construction to another.

While this surface is hard to walk on, it was surely replaced by another in time.

And for now, I can still see far into the distance, where there is smooth sailing.

On the hunt for joy at the beach

I am entering this in Cee’s new ‘hunt for joy’ challenge and Jez Braithwaite’s ‘fan of’ (the beach) challenge. While I’m at it, I may as well add it to Jez’s ‘water water everywhere’ challenge. After all, it IS summer, here.

cool, clear water, today at Semaphore
A hidden gem, today
waves to be had at Corny Point
walks and hidden coves at Esperance
sunset anywhere, but this is Broome.