New Holland Honey Eater

Well, it’s Autumn in South Australia and that means that the native gums are blooming. Self-isolating or not, I am awoken early each day to the raucous sound of birds devouring blossoms and it continues until sunset.

One bird that disappeared from our area about 2 years ago and is gradually making its way back, is the New Holland Honey Eater. They are shy but incredibly sociable and love water. I find them so hard to capture as they are fast and easily spooked.

Backyard bathing

In response to this week’s photo challenge, “What makes you smile?” I have to say, New Holland Honeyeaters using my sprinkler for a bath.


They disappeared for a few years, following the arrival of the Noisy Miner Birds (vicious birds who harass other birds in groups) but I noticed their return last year. Shy creatures, they dart away from my dog and wait until the sprinkler is near a tree or shrub, so that they can hide away while they bathe.


But they make a lot of noise, chirping and cavorting.

Shaking off the drops

Or signalling that the coast is clear!


Wet and wild!

And amusing!