My Monday walk, too late all round

I live on the plains in Adelaide, South Australia, and very nearby is a hill from which a view of my suburb is obscured, due to the profusion of native trees. After reading Jo’s Monday walk, last week, and seeing the attention to flowers. I decided to go for a walk and really pay attention to my area’s flora.

Eucalypts tower overhead and Red Ironbarks line the footpath.

Now, I’m pretty sure the date palm isn’t native to Australia and, as the many trees in the area bring plenty of birdlife, it is widely considered a weed in my suburb, sprouting up around our yards wherever the birds have discharged them. Some people leave them to grow to maturity, though, and have the pleasure of lorikeets in fruiting season.

Melaleuca, or bottle brush, is very common and this time, I thought I’d look at it from a different angle.

bottom’s up

Acacias fill the air with the sweet smell of their blossoms.

As I enter a small park, I see that someone is thinking of the birds.

not one, but two bird houses

That same someone was thinking of the upcoming public holiday and has trailed their hose from their house, under the fence and onto the centre of the park, where they are cultivating a green pitch (for cricket).

It is Summer, here, hence the dry ground

I think the next is melaleuca lanceolata, a compact shrub with prolific blooms, buzzing with bee activity.

Lining the path, native fuchsia, or correa. But I can’t tell you which one this is.

I had walked less than a kilometer, but reached the shops, so there ended my observations, but I am grateful for the prompt to look closer and the time to do it.

Now, I get Jo’s post the day after, so my walk was a Tuesday and then I have dilly dallied around and was going to post it on Debbie’s Six Word Saturday challenge. Alas, it is Monday…already!