Flowering gums

Ready for Christmas, this Corymbia ficifolia (gum) flowers a glowing red.

Buds in varying stages
Spent blooms reveal those upcoming gumnuts, still sticky with nectar

The tree is over 40 years old, but hasn’t grown very tall, so close-ups and enjoyment of the beautiful blossoms is easy.

Whether it’s in the shade or sunlight, you can’t miss them

By contrast, at my back door is an infant lemon myrtle gum, which is showing a soft blossom that is faintly honey-scented.

At 1m it’s all shades of green
A close up highlights the riot of little white flowers with translucent petals

The leaves are considered medicinal by indigenous Australians and I love adding them, chopped, to my Anzac biscuits.

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flowering gum

There are so many varieties of gum, it’s hard to find which one is which, but this species is prolific in northern South Australia. Sometimes you don’t know they are flowering until you hear the loud excitement of the lorikeets, desperately drawing nectar from them.

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