Foamy topic

Latte art, causing some of us to pause when the much-awaited drink arrives, is created by pouring microfoam or simply drawing in the foam, on top of a latte.

It’s use has been extended to include, as here, hot chocolate drinks.

I usually waited until they had turned from the table, before vacuuming the beverage down. Now that I only have black teas and coffees, it’s the top of others’ drinks I am photographing.

Considered by some as a good, square meal for breakfast, this photo is the last for Becky’s squares this month.

Top hat

Strictly speaking, I think my dad called it a Tyrolean hat (or Tirolerhut in German). Worn, here, as part of national costume, by my not-so-happy father and his brother.

Smiling verboten

They were once worn in countries like Austria, Italy, Germany and Switzerland but are not so common, now.

Apparently one style of Tyrolean became popular when Edward VII wore it during the time he lived in the Alps. I didn’t find his quite as dashing as Waldemar’s (my dad).

Only one of those long feathers was thinking inside the square for Becky’s challenge, today.

Top of the tower

Semaphore Beach is home to the Palais, bar and bistro, built in 1922 and used for a time as the surf life saving club. Hence, there is a viewing tower at the top.

And can you see what’s on top of the flag pole, on top of the tower?

I only had my phone with me – sorry.

My grandmother walked several miles to attend dances at the Palais, in the 1930s. It is steeped in history and has been renovated keeping the original design. Facing the ocean, beside a playground and fair ground, it’s very popular.

It’s my entry, today, in Becky’s squares for April.