Thinking of travelling to Australia?

Need some ideas and tips? You’re in the right space!

The first thing to REALLY understand is how big our country is.

  • Japan can fit in it 20 times
  • 3/4 of Europe can fit in it
  • 78% of the Unites States can fit in it
  • And a little over 32 United Kingdoms can safely rest in our shores.

For some visuals on this, and more information, visit :

It is a long way between places, so ALWAYS TRAVEL WITH WATER.

The second thing is that we are an island.  Beautiful, dramatic coastlines and lush rain forests (sometimes) hug a central desert.

The last thing is that it will take time.Don’t worry about what you don’t see – you can always come back! But don’t underestimate the amount of driving required in some States.

Safe Travels!