Traveling in Australia?

It’s safe and easy and SO worth it

If you want some ideas and tips, you’re in the right space!

The first thing to REALLY understand is how big our country is.

  • Japan can fit in it 20 times
  • 3/4 of Europe can fit in it
  • 78% of the Unites States can fit in it
  • And a little over 32 United Kingdoms can safely rest in our shores.

For some visuals on this, and more information, visit :

It is a long way between places, so ALWAYS TRAVEL WITH WATER.

The second thing is that we are an island.  Beautiful, dramatic coastlines and lush rain forests (sometimes) hug a central desert.

The last thing is that it will take time. Don’t worry about what you don’t see – you can always come back! But don’t underestimate the amount of driving required in some States and flights or trains aren’t usually cheap.

Safe Travels!