Luculia Pinceana

Cee’s flower of the day challenge has my Latin expanding. I don’t think there is a ‘common name’ for this one. A tall tree, it is difficult to propagate and suited to cool climates, which is probably why I found it in the Royal Tasmanian Botanic Gardens.

Royal Tasmanian Botanic Gardens
luculia pinceana

I also thought I’d try to enter it in Becky’s Squares – In the pink.


WA Wildflower


From the Coral Coast, Western Australia, and growing in sand, it’s for Cee’s flower of the day. There are so many wildflowers (more than 12000 species) during the season and very hard to find all the names. This year is set to be a bumper year, with above average rainfall, so if you’re heading to the west, make sure to visit one of the wildflower trails.

Safe travels. Take water and a hat, and your camera.