SquareOdds#5 – windmill collection

For Becky’s SquareOdds challenge, this quirky collection of windmills from Penong, in the far west of South Australia.

The outdoor museum features around 20 windmills that have been restored, including the Comet, the largest windmill ever built in Australia. Some have been donated from around outback Australia and as you drive through and past the town you can see more than is usual in properties.

Signboards give information about each one as you walk around. Odd, but enticing.

Killer trees – the strangler

The strangler fig is a type of Ficus that grows in tropical rainforests and gets its name from the habit of growing on other trees, often resulting in the demise of the host. They are impressive and beautiful, despite their unfortunate behaviour, and are sometimes very old and massive.

And I’m a big fan of them!

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Mountain Ash

The tall Mountain Ash trees of Mount Donna Buang, in the Alps of Victoria, were a sawyers dream when they were discovered in the 1800s. Although they tower into the air, the ones shown here are at the top of the mountain and more exposed to the conditions, hence they have a more sprawling aspect. I loved the mess and tangle of lines.

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