On the hunt for joy at the beach

I am entering this in Cee’s new ‘hunt for joy’ challenge and Jez Braithwaite’s ‘fan of’ (the beach) challenge. While I’m at it, I may as well add it to Jez’s ‘water water everywhere’ challenge. After all, it IS summer, here.

cool, clear water, today at Semaphore
A hidden gem, today
waves to be had at Corny Point
walks and hidden coves at Esperance
sunset anywhere, but this is Broome.

platypus at first light

The platypus, or duck-billed platypus, is predominantly nocturnal, but as it feeds by diving, this is easier when it is light. They are also very shy and it’s rare to see them, so it’s lucky for me that I rise early.

When I sent out the video, friends and family alike commented that they had never seen one before – not even in captivity. So this little marsupial is my lucky omen for the year.

swimming away, bill forward and tail down
still heading away and about to dive

The next morning there were three of them, playing and sliding into the river from the bank.

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