Lovely Aunt

For XingfuMamas whatsoever is lovely challenge this week, I want to share my Aunt, Regina, who recently passed away on her 92nd birthday.

From her whimsical 20’s photo

She was known by everyone in the nursing home where she lived for the last 6 years, as she was kind and courteous and provided a stimulating conversation.

At 90

Born in Poland, she talked of the German and Russian occupations. When the former forbade any Polish from being spoken, the miners in my aunt’s district refused to go down the shafts, as superstition dictated that they always say ‘ Szczesc Boze’ before being lowered. So it was the one phrase allowed by the Nazis in Poland.

To my lovely aunt and all of you I say Szczesc Boze, God Bless you.


    1. Hard to say, but close to chesh bojay, with a soft j.
      Have a great time. My rellies would say don’t miss Bielsko-biala and the mountains nearby. And Krakow for sure – the old capital.

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