Booroomba Rocks, a walk in Namadgi National Park

Accounting for 46% of the Australian Capital Territory, Namadgi National Park is only 49 minutes from the centre and has several walks from which to choose.

We chose Booroomba Rocks, a grade 4 , 2.5 km(return ) walk through native scrub. Nowhere near as far as Jo on her walks.

It began with a reasonable gradient, bordered by shrubs and thin trees, showing signs of the 2019/20 fires which burnt 80% of the vegetation.

Sorry, bad catch of sunlight

And then we went into very steep mode, up steps that only relented a couple of times,

One being beside a large granite outcrop, from which you can look out over the valley behind you.

Onward and upward, careful not to squish any of the darting skinks, or be bitten as we passed the European wasp nest (signs warning not to bother them).

The crest is reached after scaling the last 8m or so, and provides a breathtaking view.

Zooming even further in, you might see one of the slab climbers, of which there were 5 that day.

Look centre and on the grassy shelf, with the red and blue

It had taken us 30 mins to ascend and we returned in shorter time, unsurprisingly. In true Jo fashion, we drive to the nearest eatery and found a bit more than great food, at Lanyon Homestead.

But more on that later.


  1. I got here, at last! Sorry, Karen- it’s been a busy day (apart from a couple of hours on the beach). Fabulous views and backdrop. Well done for not squishing the skinks!


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