It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Somehow this post stayed in draft, but I’m going to upload it now. Just keep in mind it was written 10 days ago.

But with sand, not snow. Another weather blog, I’m afraid. Today I went to the beach for a walk and kept an eye on the threatening sky.

But there were lots of shapes and tones that also caught my eye.

We’ve had such a cold Spring and last week things finally started warming up.

The predicted weather for my area is 33C for Christmas Day, then 38, then 43. so I’ll see these shores a bit. Nothing new for this time of year.

And in other parts of the state people are being evacuated due to flooding. Very unfortunate and unusual.

Always looking for a ray of sunshine.


  1. Well Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you. I’m always checking to make sure things post when and how I want them too. That’s not always the case! Dramatic skies for sure. Sorry to hear about all the flooding.


    1. Thanks, Graham. It’s pretty dire for river folk but they are quite philosophical about it, generally. They believe you can’t fight nature and the original owners of the land have stories to indicate that this is to be expected from time to time.
      They’re still hoping it won’t be too bad.

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