A damp stretch

This week we had a visit from interstate friends and, despite the inclement weather, thought they may have had enough of sitting down and took them to Morialta Falls.

As we approached by car, the rain really set in, so I suggested we make a dash from the car park to the viewing platform of the first falls. But they were tempted by trail signs and before we knew it…

Looking at the first falls from the plateau walk

I had explained that we ALWAYS see koalas at this conservation park and, even though they live in a wooded area of NSW, they’ve never seen one in the wild. Well, I don’t know if it was the weather, but those bears were hard to spot until …

Very long range shot. I’ve put it almost centre, facing left with one leg and arm extended

Onward and upward, we continued on what I now knew would be a square walk, stopping above the first falls and seeing the platform we thought we were aiming for.

We crossed it and looked back to see the second falls, thundering down with the greatest volume we’ve ever seen.

And the clouds dropping and the rain drove in sheets around the bend, we pressed on to the car and home.

A thoroughly lovely stretch all-in-all.


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