Sustainability square

When I undertook my recent city walk, I discovered a number of things along the sides of my square walk. One of these was Christie Walk, a 2000sqm urban housing development in the Adelaide CBD, designed as an ecological project.

Completed in 2006, it is home to about 40 people and 70% of the residences are owner occupied. I was keen to have a walk through, but I hadn’t booked a tour, so I can only provide a few pictures and some key details.

There are 27 low-impact apartments and townhouses, 2 x 20 000L rainwater tanks beneath the carports, permeable paving, green walls and roofs, several community gardens, a beehive. small pond and efforts to be carbon neutral.

The co-housing project has a tunnel entrance and I think the mural, here, depicts the story of the sustainability features, if my research is correct. I dashed in to get a photo or two to share with you.

The aim of the project was to start with the idea and build the community around it. I remember hearing about it and seeing the result, 16 years on, was inspiring.

You can read more about it here.

For more square walks, visit Becky’s challenge.


    1. Yes, apart from the inner city location, the ideas and notion of working as a community would be great. About a third of the original owners have left and rent out their units but the majority remain.

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    1. I agree. This has led to two others being built. Great, but only two? If they know which parts of this have been successful, as you say, why not mandate?


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