Neighborhood walk

Despite being a lovely day, the only walk I took was when taking the dog for her exercise, in our local area.

They say that dogs need walks for their brain, as much as their bodies.

She constantly tries to get in this yard

Maybe we’re the same. I noticed tidy yards following untidy ones,

Waggers at the local park,

And other escapees.

Bursting out of a yard

Along with equipment that started empty and then hosted more high school waggers before we left.

The shot and discus ring, as this was once an athletics ground.

A fence that I remember being picket and painted white, now showing that it wasn’t just blue, once.

Like Cee’s many challenges, and XingfuMama’s pullupaseat, Becky’s Squares got me looking more closely at my world and getting more involved in my blog, broadening my focus.

I’ve walked this way literally thousands of times but I haven’t really been seeing it for very long. I asked the dog if she still finds it interesting, but she was busy reading about dogs’ needs.


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