Oscularia deltoides

When I told my husband this was the name of what we’ve got out the front, he thought I was talking about muscle groups. Understandably.

This ground cover packs a punch as it springs to life and draws the eye. Native to South Africa, as many successful plants in Adelaide, it has grey, deltoid leaves and is in the fig-marigold family.

It’s my contribution to Cee’s FOTD.


      1. Our temperatures are up to 35c + and usually our rain is moderate,however you are right about water. This year there have been 3 floods and even this far south the succulents have become waterlogged, the palms yellow and many temperate climate flowers are not opening. My African Daisies don’t seem to mind. What I believed was one of our own, the Jacaranda is actually Soth African. Our continents were once joined.

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