Moon Lantern Trail

As fat raindrops begin to fall outside, I thank my lucky stars that I made it to the Moon Lantern Trail on a perfect Spring evening.

Part of Adelaide’s Oz Asia Festival, on the Riverbank Precinct, the trail is at Tarntanya Wama/Pinky Flat and features over 12 giant, handcrafted lanterns, with information about the artist or the significance at many of them.

There was a couple of live lanterns (?) that walked around, interacting with other lanterns or bowing to the crowd.

A 40m long Dragon adorned the bridge.

Hand-painted birds lined a walkway.

Displays hung in trees.

It was extraordinary and some great views of our small city could be had as we made our way around.

If you travel to Adelaide around this time of the year, you can catch it and maybe one of the many shows being performed during the 3 weeks of the festival. There is also a Lucky Dumpling Market where you can enjoy Asian Street Food, so there’s no need to pack anything (except maybe sunscreen, hat and water, or an umbrella today).

Travel safe and be delighted.


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