Favourite flower and why

Ann-Christine of Lens Artist Photo Challenge asks us what our favourite flower is and why, this week.

I had to think about it. As a teen, with limited experience and exposure, I liked the fragrance of carnations, but the look of a rose, best.

My mother arranged flowers for the church and my grandmother always had flowers inside, carefully arranged.

I grew up noticing flowers and I’ve always loved them. But which is at the top of my list?

It would have to be the rose. I keep few these days, as they’re hard work and need lots of water, but they always remind me of home.

They’re my comfort flower.


  1. I love roses as well. You have some beauties here – and the connection to memories of your home is precious. I have noticed how many of us that remember flowers from our childhood, I love your last words, “They’re my comfort flower.”


  2. Like you I associate roses with my childhood gardens and love them for that reason. But my husband is the gardener and dislikes the thorns! You have some beautiful ones here!


  3. I like roses, but as you say they are hard work. Cornwall’s damp climate is not the best for them either, but you can’t beat the smell and texture of a good rose.


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