Compounding my joy

It was a great Spring day and we decided to head for the beach after a long absence.

There were lots of people on the water, not that many on the shore, but plenty of ‘other’ visitors. I’m talking about compound ascidians.

Made up of zooids that form colonies, I love their colours and patterns.

So I’ll share more of them with you.

And sometimes you need to look closer.

But the view in the other direction was good, too.

I hope you had/have a good weekend, too.


    1. Thanks, Graham and Andrew. My first sighting was a couple of years ago and I contacted an organisation, believing I’d maybe discovered an invasion. The professor gave me their name, saying they were normal for the area, but maybe unusual weather washed them ashore. They’ve been appearing around this time each year since then, so when El nina finally moves on, we’ll see.

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