Floriade, Canberra 2022

Canberra, Australia’s capital, has an annual festival of flowers, music and cultural activities that goes for a month. We decided that we would visit this year and see what it was like. Entry is free by day and there’s a fee at night, when other entertainment aside from the floral display is presented.

Right at the entrance you are met with blooming tulips and jonquils, pansies, poppies and other varieties.

The displays are usually designed in some sort of pattern, with information boards explaining what is there. The bulbs are planted months before, in the beds you see, and luckily emerge on time for the big event.

The patterns are best seen from the ferris wheel, but some of the colour is lost this way.

The range of colours and shapes is stunning and there are inflated floral arrangements on the lake, various stalls to do with gardening, local produce and Canberra, and some stalls from the sponsors.

It is absolutely well-worth seeing and you can always visit any of the other Canberra attractions, very nearby, to fill a weekend trip.

Safe travels.


  1. It must be quite something and I am impressed that it is free! Much to see in Canberra, I always think it is an underrated part of Australia, but I could be biased as my eldest granddaughter lives there so I have had a good excuse to visit.


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