Convent Gallery, Daylesford

An old convent in Daylesford, Victoria, has been restored and developed as a gallery, displaying work of local artists, while incorporating the history of the convent.

A fee is charged for entry and I heartily recommend paying this place a visit, one hour’s drive from Melbourne, and planning at least an hour, but easily more to walk the corridors and admire the many things on offer. Views, artwork, history, gardens and, of course, chairs that will later appear in Xingfumama’s challenge.

Weddings and other functions are held here, and it isn’t surprising, given its proximity to Melbourne and ability to provide overnight accommodation.

Well worth a visit if you’re in the area.

Travel safe.


  1. Lovely old building and great they are putting it to good use.
    I visited the Abbotsford Convent when I was in Melbourne, have you been? It’s also worth a visit


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