More than meets the eye in Kaniva.

Just over the border from South Australia into Victoria, lies Kaniva. As it owes its success to the sheep industry, in 20 a sheep trail was constructed, which involves over 40 sheep statues that have been painted by local groups to represent something or someone in the area. Each is tagged with a QR code, so that viewers can take part in an interactive presentation suitable for children and adults.

We began the 800m trail at the wetlands and fauna park, where there is a huge playground and picnic area, including gym equipment, BBQs and modern toilets. The fauna enclosure had a white kangaroo (or was it a big wallaby) and some red necked wallabies. There was some cute interaction while we watched.

The sheep are so varied that it seems almost impossible to decide on a selection for this post, so that you get as much enjoyment as we did, before the trail ended at the far end of town.

Along the way, you pass the old railway station, a couple of blues characters outside the hotel and some stunning old gardens. There is even a puppet shop and a co-operative that sells handmade crafts and paintings.

We’re not sorry that we chose this as our midway point on our easterly journey.

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