Closer to the fruit bowl.

Nectarine buds

Spring has sprung, and the potential Summer fruit is exciting on two fronts – the weather and the fruit bowl.

Plum blossom

For Cee’s FOTD, today, my blossoms.

Apricot beginnings

The strawberries really only paused for a couple of weeks while I thinned them out.

And the blueberries are planning something big.

Late starters: blackberry, peacharine and pomegranate may get a feature if the blooms are showy enough.

I hope other Southern Hemisphere yards are doing as well.


    1. It’s a fairly young tree but it carries it’s weight of fruit each year. They are prone to disease so we are like helicopter parents with it, constantly checking the company it keeps and preparing it for the future.


        1. You’ll be very welcome, but may find Adelaide a little flatter than you’re used to. However, we have excellent beaches, very hot Summers and the best wine in Australia.

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