Wattle it be?

As I walked the path beside the trainline, these wattles demanded to be noticed. And so they should. Did you know that it is Australia’s national flower?

Believed to be held in the heart of Australians and during WWI it was common to put a sprig of wattle in a letter to a soldier to remind them of home.

Wattle Day is September 1, the first day of Spring in Australia, when gardens around the country are alight with yellow wattle.

The wattle, or acacia, is found around the world – there are 89 species in Asia, 144 in Africa, America has 185 and the Pacific has 7. There are 1000 different types that grow in every state of Australia. https://www.nspirement.com/2021/08/31/bright-yellow-wattle-flowers.html (Not that it’s a competition, but I think we win).

Everyone loves them and some guard them jealously.


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