Pildappa Rock

On the edge of the Gawler Ranges, just out of Minnipa on the Eyre Peninsula, is a large granite outcrop known as Pildappa Rock.

I think it can easily rival Wave Rock, in Western Australia, but is equally a long drive from a major town. The erosion which created it is similar in both cases and also to Murphy’s Haystacks.

The information board said it is part of an intrusion which entered the crustal rocks at a depth of 5kms, about 1500 million years ago. So recent!

You can walk over it, as there is nothing to say that the original owners hold it as sacred, but I was curious about that.

All sorts of geological features are apparent when you climb and explore it, or you might choose to walk the perimeter, which is pretty flat.

We saw three sets of campers making use of the campsites, which include a shelter, toilet and BBQ. However, I’m not sure if that’s actually allowed, or meant as a picnic area. Best to check with the Gawler Ranges National Park site.

Travel safe and have have an adventure.

P.S. I wrote to the National Parks in that region, about fees and such, and Jane replied:

I have also searched for it and it is not on the national parks sites, I searched the net and found it listed as a free camping area on “find a camp website” http://www.findacamp.com.au/camp-site.php?camp=541 It states No booking or fees and provides another web site for further information http://www.wudinna.sa.gov.au/page.aspx?u=387

Hope this is helpful



  1. That’s a fascinating sight both geologically and photographically. I love your closer images in particular. It could be interesting to experiment with black and white shots too?


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