Point Sinclair and Lake Mac Donnell

Only 20 kms from Penong is Point Sinclair and at Port Le Hunte there’s a great spot for a picnic, swim or some fishing.

 The jetty was commenced in 1909, from Glasgow timber, and the port was declared in 1911, after the Governor who opened it upon its completion.

There are facilities for shelter, toilets, and the area is netted in summer to keep out the sharks.

In 1946 there was a wreck, of the Cecilia, in rough waters that swept it into the bay and subjected it to pounding waves. A week later, the cleanup operation had removed anything that could be used again and all that remains are a few ship beams.

The wreck is in the distance

Just before Port Le Hunte is Cactus Beach, admired by surfers for its left and right breaks. We thought the beach was interesting with its rocks and coves and could see the surfers waiting for the next wave.

One day the black dots are whales and the next, surfers. There is a campground nearby and fees are due for its use.

The first natural wonder you come to on your way there, or the last as you leave, is Lake MacDonnell, known for its deep pink hue when the salt levels are high. I imagine that’s in Summer when the evaporation reduces the water level, but I’m just guessing. The road through the middle makes a good picture and the local birdlife didn’t mind a bit.

Point Sinclair and Lake MacDonnell should go on your itinerary if you’re this far west.

Travel safe. Take water and a hat.


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