1. Oh, I haven’t heard of that use, before. We predominantly use it for sunburn relief or cuts and rashes. Mine never grows tall like these, but that could be because it’s in a pot. I might try it in the ground and it could flower, then.


      1. Yes, pots confine them because they spread in clumps. Ours,on the very front has grown so big. The young man who took the plant was Muslim so perhaps that use comes from there. We use it for all those other things too.

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    1. The colours pulled me from far away. They’re very common in this region, but certainly draw the eye. Thanks for taking the time to comment.


    1. Thank you. I was drawn to it from afar. They’re everywhere in the country and I didn’t even know it was an aloe until I posted. Tree size! Now I wish I’d broken off a bit to see if it had that characteristic sticky goop.

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