PPAC Port Elliot

As we strolled along the very short shoreline from the caravan park to the famous Flying Fish Cafe, we spied these wooden walkway artworks.

An oozing octopus
Stuck starfish
I thought surfboard fins but my husband said a school of sharks

We couldn’t find anything that said who the artist(s) are, either there or online. So, if anyone knows, please share.

These are for Marsha’s Always Write blog, PPAC#26


  1. Hi,
    We have an avenue of Aboriginal Carvings of the same ilk though not as clean cut as these.
    I think they are a School of Sharks. The star fish are arranged as though the log is a slippery rock. The squids are rather un- naturally formed and might be sentinels. I’d love to have had the pleasure of the wonderment of it.


    1. So, you believe my octopus to be a squid? Could well be. Pt Elliot is a beautiful, quiet spot, except during summer holidays when the population swells enormously. If you can, I’d urge you to visit one day. Where is your avenue of Aboriginal carvings?


  2. Hi Graham. Good to hear from you again. I hope you’re keeping well.
    Yes, it’s a different kind of artist to allow the audience to make their own meaning. Could they be hovering close, listening to the interpretations? Quite possible in that Port.


  3. I love these and I love that there’s no explanation. It lets everyone use their imagination as to what they are and why they’re there. The shark fins make one want to tread lightly there!


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