Herbs in detail

Responding to Lens-artist’s photo challenge, to look at the detail, I headed into my garden with the intention of studying my herbs more closely.

Parsley seeds

Plenty of work to be done, but it was a good challenge.


    1. I’m a keen cook, but honestly, not wonderful. I use basil a lot, often forget the parsley and confess to planting the sage for its glorious colour. I’ve just read that sage tea has a multitude of medicinal benefits as a tea and can be used like mint in salads but have yet to try it. Oh! Confessions of a novice photographer. And my sister, from whom I got the plant, has just texted that it is blackberry sage!! yoiks.


  1. Hi, KZMCB. I’m glad you joined us. I really like how you zoomed in closer and closer on the basil. This really shows us such great details. The parsley seeds are also unusual and visually striking. Thanks for showing us the details. I really enjoyed your collection!


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