First of it’s kind

The first purpose-built underground catholic church in the world was opened in Coober Pedy, South Australia, 1967, to cater for the large population that had come to make their fortune on opals.

Today it’s purposely placed in Becky’s ‘kind’ squares.

There have been a number of resident parish priests over the years and they have all ministered to a community that reached as far as Western Australia!

We have visited in both hot and cool weather, noticing that that this amazing structure is incredibly cool in 40C heat and snug during a 17C day. No excuses there!

The original building was extended over the years and currently the chairs are placed for COVID conditions. To the left and right of the altar it is also cut out, creating a transept, I think.

There are two other underground churches in Coober Pedy – the Anglican Church and the more recent Serbian Church. DO visit one of them if you venture into the centre of Australia, and maybe try your luck at opal noodling.


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