On the hunt for joy – start a garden

So, this week, as Cee encourages us all to hunt for joy, she suggests starting a garden.

We already have a garden, but we’re constantly changing things and since the chooks are gone, we’ve planted some natives and are striking some hibiscus.

striking hibiscus (and it flowers!)

Eremophila, grevillea and other new natives – watch this space.

Then I took a stroll and snapped the new garden beds, my productive strawberries, the things growing out of compost, banana capsicum and feijoas (pineapple guava) ready to pick and my bee magnets. All because it made me so happy to do so.

And to include in Cee’s FOTD another calendula.

12 thoughts on “On the hunt for joy – start a garden

  1. Oh, so that’s why you call it a cold crop? I can’t imagine spring being that cold, but then I can’t imagine snow, either. For us, a cold crop would be a winter crop which we’d plant now. Good luck with your planting and the general improvement of health in your country.


    1. Thank you. You might be on the same side of the world. I’m in Australia and they are autumn crops or still going from summer in the case of strawberries. Where are you?

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      1. I am in Massachusetts and we are in late Spring but here that means the snow is just coming off the ground. We still have nights of frost and may have for the rest of May.


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