1. Thank you, Lisa. I’m glad you stopped by to comment. (belated) Happy Anniversary. It looked like getting married was a lot of fun for you. So much better than the stress and worry. I’m sure you’ll continue to have a lot of fun in your lives.

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      1. I can’t spell. It was supposed to say smell. LOL. It was a pleasure stopping by. Thank you for viewing my wedding. It was so fun! Perfect for a second marriage for both of us. 😊


        1. Oh, I make typos all the time and race back in horror to correct them. I’m much more understanding when others do it! In fact, this reply appeared as a comment and I don’t know how I keep doing that, seemingly randomly. My apologies for this reply coming so long after as a result.
          Have a great day and I’m very happy that you’re following.

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          1. I’m read between the lines on typos too. Unless I’m editing a piece of work and then I look for everything. πŸ€” no problem on the reply. Today has been busy and I’m just now getting back to everyone. 😊


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