Under the top of the National Triangle

A complicated way to introduce today’s entry in Becky’s April squares – top.

In Canberra, Australia’s capital city, there is what is called the Parliamentary Triangle, and the buildings on the points of the triangle are Defence headquarters, City Hill and Parliament House. The latter is considered to be the top of the triangle, and on top of Parliament House sits an impressive, stainless steel, pyramid-like flagpole, 81m high, flying the Australian flag flying.

If you stood under it, here is what you’d see:

According to the Australian Parliament House website, the apex of the flagpole is exactly over the centre of the building, marking “…the intersection between the building’s ‘law-making axis’… and its ‘land axis’.”

“This intersection symbolises how the elements of Australian democracy—the people, the parliament and the government—are all brought together under one flag.”

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