Musk Lorikeet

There are times when home provides just as much entertainment, and photography as much challenge, as anywhere else. Yesterday was such a day with my visiting musk lorikeets. They are new to my area, so food must be scarce in their regular haunts.


    1. My visitors in the gum tree have not left. Or, rather, they return each day, with plenty of mates.
      Thank you, I am very well in current times, and as a teacher I am in greater demand than ever before so my work is secure.
      We are very lucky in Australia and in South Australia where I am. We have a LOT of space.

      What about you?

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      1. Good to know you are well, and that the work is coming in.

        I am fine, been in lockdown since mid March but fortunately have a good sized garden to give us space outside 🙂


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