Musk Lorikeet

There are times when home provides just as much entertainment, and photography as much challenge, as anywhere else. Yesterday was such a day with my visiting musk lorikeets. They are new to my area, so food must be scarce in their regular haunts.

4 thoughts on “Musk Lorikeet

    1. My visitors in the gum tree have not left. Or, rather, they return each day, with plenty of mates.
      Thank you, I am very well in current times, and as a teacher I am in greater demand than ever before so my work is secure.
      We are very lucky in Australia and in South Australia where I am. We have a LOT of space.

      What about you?

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      1. Good to know you are well, and that the work is coming in.

        I am fine, been in lockdown since mid March but fortunately have a good sized garden to give us space outside 🙂


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