3 thoughts on “styphelia

    1. Thanks, Bob. I originally thought it was an eremophila, and luckily the search trail wasn’t long. As you know, so many flowers are similar and there are plenty of photos without identifying captions. Maybe that can be my next job.

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      1. Speaking of eremophilia, after i saw your fantastic photo recently i realised that i had bought my Mum some E. maculata – native fuchsia seeds for her birthday and was waiting for Spring to plant them.

        Tried potting them Thursday so i’ll see how they go and let you know – finger’s crossed!

        If you have the time spare i recommend it as a ‘job’, however i notice that search engine algorthims change over time and now produce much more variable results – less of what you ask for and more potential different answers for the terms.

        Google in particular seems more concerned with giving you commercial (selling product) results than factual matches. 😦

        Is making the task a little more difficult. 😦

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