RFDS – Friday Fictioneers.


We glided across the water like I was in a Tarzan episode, deep in the seventies.

Without thoughts of crocodiles or poison darts, I stepped heroically into the waiting dinghy. Continuing in the part, I braced as we sped over the lake, mooring at the jetty outside my new office – the Royal Flying Doctor’s Service.

Hands extended to assist my disembarkation and show the way. But their ready smiles and warm handshakes froze upon the news.

I was not the new nurse, or the doctor.

“Don’t worry,” I said, ruefully, “I do know how to fly a plane.”


The Royal Flying Doctor Service is an aeromedical service to provide emergency medical treatment to people in Outback and remote Australia. It was begun in 1928 and I think has only had 2 female pilots.

For more stories from the prompt, please visit this link.


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