Friday fictioneers – sepia


It was another time, I knew. But something about the simple images screamed of order and delineated duty.

The character standing where I do, looking atop the combustion heater, knew how to wield these tools for maximum effect, to bring life, sustenance and pride to the family.

Am I trying to layer texture into her life that she did not seek? Was it a monochrome life yearning for the end of the rainbow, or one in which she was content with the familiar sepia tones?

Dare we allow it to be ‘he’ and not ‘she’?

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  1. Lots of men would Have known how to use all those implements, including the wood stove. Things were sorted by gender, back then, out of necessity. He could plow and deal with livestock because he was stronger (usually!). And she was already somewhat confined to house and yard by toddlers and new babies, and the housework fit with her abilities. I think it was easier, then, to discern “men’s work” and “women’s work.” I think most of our ancestors considered it “teamwork.” The lines have certainly changed and blurred in our day.


  2. That’s an interesting thought, are we over-interpreting these old pictures and items? Are we romanticizing about things that were never there? Maybe not, there were diaries, and grandparents who told stories… Lovely writing.


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