1. Genuine. The bush was full of them. In fact, there are often three or four stigma. I wondered if it was called double and did a search, with success. Of course, I checked when you queried it, and there’s also semi-doubles, but the mathematician in me wants to say that cancels out to make singles. I now also know the hibiscus can be eaten, has healing properties and is used to make bubble mixture in the Philippines.

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      1. I have seen 5 separate stigma on my Red Double, yet most of them at the moment only have the one?? ( But have more than five petals which my pale pink one has!) 🙂

        I wonder if that makes it a ‘semi-double’?? 🙂


        1. Hard to get the precise information. There’s only so long I can scroll through old Bourkes backyard videos, but you might be more patient. Maybe I’ll try my friendly Yates online gardening help

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