Out of time and out of place in Australia

For Becky’s time squares, a selection of the timeless, time-worn and time-travelled.

dated at over 3 billion years, the stromatolites of Hamelin Pool in WA are the oldest living fossils in the world.
Evidence of rivers at Watarrka, 400 million years ago, in the deserts of central Australia
now located in St David’s Cathedral, Hobart, but a long way from home
From another time, but still in use for tourists, paddle steamers on the Murray River, Echuca.

6 thoughts on “Out of time and out of place in Australia

  1. what a wonderful collection, and those fossils are amazing. Puts life into perspective seeing something so old. I am curious though as to how some of the abbey (only 8miles from where I am sitting right now) made it to Hobart!


    1. Springing into research, I cannot find who brought them out, but apparently there was a medieval/gothic theme in Australian architecture in the early 19th century. Spurred by the over-representation of criminals? We were a convict settlement in all but one State. Sorry I can’t help you.


  2. Me too. It was great that you shared the proximity of the abbey to you, joining our distant lives by a piece of masonry. I’ll stay tuned for any info. Thank you.


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