City Lines

For this week’s photo challenge – lines, I used quick visits to Sydney and Melbourne to help me.

Mary White’s peace garden in Lavender Bay
Sydney Harbour Bridge Walk
Centreway Arcade
Melbourne street art
Melbourne Botanical Gardens
Melbourne CBD
Bridge Road second hand shop
Blackheath train station
Sydney Central train station
Inside Quest on Lonsdale

It was hard to know where to draw the line (sorry) as I clearly like lines and have a million of them. I hope you enjoy some of them.

9 thoughts on “City Lines

  1. The tree is gorgeous, but what are those mildly rude looking green things that look like overgrown intestinal villi..or uh..something bought in shops? Are they cactus? If I squint they look like a close up of a 70’s shag rug. I’ve never seen anything like that growing over here. 🙂


    1. That’s hilarious! And so true – the 70’s shag rug. They are indeed cacti, cleistocactus winteri, at the base of Guilfoyle’s Volcano – a collection of sustainable plants (cacti) that he first built in 1876. The Moreton Bay Fig (ficus) is a great tree, native to Eastern Australia. That one is over a hundred years old.


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