One word challenge – multicoloured

Cee Neuner mentioned the one word challenge and I immediately thought of  the incense sticks in Thuy Xuan Village in Hue, Vietnam.


This town once handmade all the incense for Vietnam. My son and I had a go at making some – looks a lot easier than it is.

Vietnam is the only country I have been to, outside of Australia. There is so much colour there, but this is the memory that rose foremost.


  1. I was in Vietnam a few months ago and agree that it’s a great country for colour (I even happen to have an incense post scheduled for later today)
    Thanks for bringing this to the challenge, and a big welcome to our weekly get-together 🙂


    1. Absolutely. In Hue we went to a little tourist outlet and organized a driver. It was fantastic. He took us to places he thought were highlights and a family restaurant. So worth it. One price for 5 places and he took us to 8! Tipping is appreciated and expected. Hue is very European in appearance. I’ll do some more blogs on Vietnam for you.

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