Signs of danger?

In Australia, stray animals of the domestic and wild kind are a danger to drivers, particularly at night. Camels, goats, kangaroos, wombats, cows, sheep, horses…the list goes on. If you are traveling at 100km/hr or more and you hit an animal it can be fatal for you both.

But occasionally you get an unusual warning, as the following shows.

The one on the right is from Denmark, Western Australia and a passer-by said that in her 10 years in the area she had never seen one. It doesn’t instill the same kind of fear, to be sure. The one on the left is unusual in the length of vigilance the driver must show. It is common to have distances of 1-10 km of stray animals, but this is so long, it could only happen in Australia! It is from the Pilbara region in northern Western Australia, where there are plenty of very long stretches of road.

Travel safe. Keep your eyes peeled.

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