Dome of lost souls

A very moving and dramatic memorial to lost soldiers is the Anzac memorial Geraldton, Western Australia.

A striking sculpture is the Dome of Lost Souls, made up of 645 individual seagulls, representing the 645 soldiers who lost their lives when the HMAS Sydney sank on 19th November, 1941. I have entered it in this week’s monochrome madness challenge – culture.

IMG_3627 (2)

There are 7 pillars, representing the States and Territories of Australia. It is 9m high and 12m in diameter and was designed by  Joan Walsh-Smith and Charles Smith.

The waiting woman stirs deep emotions, representing all the mothers, sisters, friends and women who have ever waited for someone to return home. Still brings a tear.

Western Australia was the State from where soldiers sailed to World War I and II and many memorials have been constructed in recent years as we remembered the 100 years since WWI. They are well worth visiting, even if you are not one to glorify war. They are tasteful and provoking.

Albany has a thousand steps (exaggerated) to their memorial and the view is amazing, after the beauty of the monument.

Safe travels.

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