Rock-on #5 Dog Rock, Albany

On the edge of the city of Albany, in Southern Western Australia, is the rock with a most unexpected resemblance to a dog. From some angles you can see where a “collar” has been added.


There is a park where you can stop and circle this very happy looking canine, but it is in a junction of roads, so several attempts may need to be made to secure a vantage point.

Albany is an amazing place, well worth visiting for at least 2 days, even if you travel fast. The history and quaint beauty of the area and the town cannot be overlooked. Great views to the open sea, old sailing vessels, lists of convicts transported here, a moving monument to the Anzac fleet that left for Gallipoli, an unmissable secondhand/auctioneers, churches, wharf and delightful shops of all wares.


To travel from South Australia, the journey over the Nullarbor would take us 2 days and with added stops we have worked out that we’d drive there in 5 days. Why? Because it is worth the return trip. Good facilities for families and children, amazing shells and walks. The beach near the caravan park where we stayed (BIG4 Middleton Beach) had safe surf and long stretches of soft white sand. The facilities in the park were very good.

Cafes and eateries overlooking something peaceful, interesting or beautiful are plentiful. There are coastal walks and destinations that will provide more rocks than you can swing a sledge hammer at. Torndirrup National Park features Natural Bridge (centre bottom photo, above) and The Gap (right of the last photo) which are granite formations with surprises.

Don’t miss it. Take your hat and plenty of water.

Safe travels!


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