Unusual rocks #4 – The Pinnacles

We stopped in the small, picturesque seaside town of Jurien Bay, Western Australia and went via Cervantes to The Pinnacles. It was an easy half hour drive.

In Nambung National Park, The Pinnacles are a limestone formation that reminded me of stalagmites in the Naracoorte Caves, South East South Australia. However, these upright structures emerge from the red and yellow sand like props left over from a science fiction movie. It’s a little eerie!


The entrance to the arrangement is clear and you can follow the path by car, being careful to watch for those who have chosen to go by foot. The biggest hazard is definitely those taking photos and the busiest times are sunrise and sunset as, once again, the  colour of the rocks and the environment comes alive with the sun-washed hues.

Some are rounded and small, others tall and jagged, reaching as high as 3 metres. Made up of shells, they are millions of years old and a reminder of when the sea came in that far. Indeed, the coastline in the region is idyllic, with turquoise water and sandy beaches, starkly contrasting the desert that is The Pinnacles.


Another spot to remember the hat and water!

Safe travels.

5 thoughts on “Unusual rocks #4 – The Pinnacles

  1. Wow. These rocks are so unknown, except maybe to tourists who visit that area. I certainly was unfamiliar with them. I love the photo of the galah on top. It reminds me of my pet bird. He would always find the highest spot to perch. Are you travelling right around Aus?


    1. I have done it in two halves, at two different times. The last large trip was the Western, or left side, by going from Adelaide to Darwin and then West along the coast, in to Karijini, then out to the coast again, along the Nullarbor and home. I kept a diary and took photos that I can only now document in a blog. Last year I went to the Red Centre, or Northern Territory, again, as it keeps calling me back.

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      1. It sounds like you love it. I have been to W A – and up to Headland years ago, but I find I prefer the cooler regions as I get older. Did you visit when the wild flowers were out?


      2. I certainly did. At some point I’ll do a post on the shots I got of those and the beautiful places it took me to, trying to find them! As to cooler regions, I usually avoid them, but have bitten the bullet and will head to Tassie in April, as the promised scenery just can’t be missed. It’s also the only place I haven’t been to in Australia. What is your favourite region?

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      3. Oh I would have to say Tassie is my favourite region, but Victoria also. The cooler parts of Australia of course. But I can’t exclude South Australia, as I have not travelled there at all. ( Other than a quick stop at the airport )


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