Another rock site#3 – Kalu Kalu


Just over 400 km north of Alice Springs, NT, and 100 km south of Tenant Creek, lie Kalu Kalu, or Devil’s Marbles. Huge rounded, granite boulders, they are accessible and  unmissable. The red colouring is enhanced at the setting or rising of the sun (like many geographical features in the outback) and this is made achievable by the campsite, nestled behind the rocks. It can be a very hot and dusty place by day, but usually cooler by night and the presence of other travellers will mean additional tales of adventure and destinations.

The traditional owners and custodians, the Kaytete, Warumungu, Warlpiri and Alyawarra peoples, ask that you don’t climb the rocks, but walking among and around them is welcomed.

Remember, take plenty of water and a hat with you. The campsite has public toilets, but pets are not permissable.

For more information about the place click here.


safe travels!

3 thoughts on “Another rock site#3 – Kalu Kalu

    1. The site is recognised as of great cultural importance, listed as a sacred site, with many traditional tales. Geologically they are formed from molten rock, covered in sandstone and then eroded to granite. You see the results.

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