Driest State in the Driest Continent

I live in South Australia and, as the blog title heralds, we don’t get a lot of rain. Water conservation is a major learning for most citizens in our State and we rarely have ANY snow. Our climate is ‘Mediterranean’.

At this time of the year, we are often sweltering. So, when I read the post about a Close Encounter with a polar bear, involving an arctic fox, the fluffy, warm coats have me shaking my head. We do not have any creature in Australia so thickly robed, but I was put in mind of a  koala, which led me to wonder how they cope in the heat. They ARE pretty slow! This photo from Pixabay would suggest that either the eucalyptus leaves or the heat  is sometimes just too much!koala-185721_640

It’s pretty hard to spy a koala in the wild, although it isn’t uncommon to have one walking VERY slowly across one of our freeways, and we had one wander into our suburban streetscape for a week.

You never know – you might see one and if not, you can go to a nature reserve and pat or hold them. Watch their claws, though, as they are very powerful and sharp!

Safe travels!

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