traveling fast

Nothing frustrates me more than moving slowly. At anything – shopping, eating, talking, walking, traveling…I mean everything. So getting this blog started and not knowing what the hell I’m doing has been tortuous. But I won’t spend any more time on that, or I ‘ll be subjecting my readers to slow moving.

The purpose of my blog is to share Australian travel tales –

  • good spots,

    brilliant broome
  • hidden secrets,
  • tips and warnings for others,
  • photos,
  • contacts,
  • diary notes,
  • good yarns,
  • whatever you want or whatever comes to mind.

All of it planned and executed by ordinary people, using ordinary means.

I got great ideas from others, so I thought I should return the favour – to everyone.

If you are ready for travel and want to plan it yourself, need ideas and motivation, while not wanting to attempt anything risky, then you will like what you read. My traveling experiences have been with my family, my husband, or just me. You might be just like us – over 50, with a family, a career, a desire to travel more – or you might be completely different. It won’t matter.

By the end of the year, I hope to have readers who know they can get an idea or an honest opinion about Australian travel, quickly. Please ask if you have any questions about traveling in Australia.

Safe Travels!

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